Rapidly detect pathogenic human and food-borne microorganisms—in minute quantities—with our point-of-care diagnostic tests

The need to quickly and definitively identify infectious pathogens has never been greater. Our novel, patent-protected technology will help you do just that.

DASL-RAPID™ (pronounced Dazzle Rapid) is our proprietary isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology (INAAT) used to detect minute quantities of nucleic acids from human clinical samples and pathogenic microorganisms.

Compared to other INAAT detection methods, DASL RAPID™ is equally sensitive, more robust, and requires only minor sample preparation procedures. It can detect infectious pathogens in a variety of biological fluids including saliva, blood (or dried blood spots), urine and biopsy material. DASL-RAPID™ also eliminates the need for institutional laboratory settings and makes diagnostic testing possible through portable point-of-care devices.

The DASL RAPID™ platform has  been  employed to detect the viral pathogens, HCV in blood and SARS-CoV-2 in fluids collected from saliva, throat, and nasal swabs. The DASL-RAPID™ COVID assay has been validated and is currently undergoing review by Health Canada.


We are interested in expanding our diagnostic testing repertoire and capabilities through collaborative partnerships with other companies that share our interest in microbial and clinical diagnostic methods.

Our team of scientists can develop custom DASL-RAPID™ or other molecular diagnostic assays to detect human, animal, environmental and food borne pathogens from any study matrix. Moreover, the critical reagents of the specific assay can be lyophilized for long term storage at room temperature.

Available Diagnostic Tests

  • The DASL-RAPID™-COVID assay incorporates room temperature lyophilized reagents for the rapid detection (<15 min) of SARS-nCOV-2 in fluids collected from saliva, throat and nasal swabs.  The assay was validated according to {INSERT GUIDELINES} and met all acceptance criteria.   A summary of the validation and results can be found here {Insert link to Poster}
  • Undergoing clinical evaluation.
DASL-RAPID™- Food Safety
  • The DASL-RAPID™ platform has been employed to quantify minute levels of bacterial contaminants such as Listeria and Escherichia coli in food products.

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